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Your Children
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Let them know you've got their back online

“Jiminy gives you the information you need to know about what your child is doing online, so you can have those critical conversations that will keep your child safe and healthy.”
- Rosalind Wiseman
New York Times bestselling author, educator and founder of Cultures of Dignity

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Catch problems when they’re small

Jiminy uses super-smart tech to detect issues in your children’s lives by looking at how they use their phone. Jiminy gives you a heads up, so you can act sooner rather than later.

Jiminy will alert you to...

  • Social issues such as bullying, drama or loneliness
  • Concerning content and interests
    (Sexting and adult content, vaping, gambling, etc)
  • Toxic phone usage and game addiction

See your children in a new light

What was his favorite game last week? She spent 3 hours reading about the Roman Empire? And what exactly IS TikTok? Let Jiminy surprise you with fun facts and insights about your children, and the digital world they live in.

Jiminy will tell you about...
  • How they use their phone, and help them set healthy limits
  • Favorite groups, friends and interests
  • Where they are now, and where they spend their time

Turn problems into opportunities

When Jiminy detects something significant, we’re here to help. Jiminy’s quick tips and expert guides give you the tools you need to talk to your children about what they’re going through, and solve it together.

Be awesome

We care for your kid’s privacy, and we’re sure you do too. So let Jiminy help keep your kids safe, without going through their phone asking a million nagging questions.

Jiminy won’t...

  • Show you specific messages, photos or sites
  • Block anything on the child’s phone (see why)
  • Use your children’s data for anything else
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